2k12 G6R, Upd V1 Vic, Closer, Custom Marq 6

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2k12 G6R, Upd V1 Vic, Closer, Custom Marq 6

Post by maineiacpballer on Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:50 pm

2k12 Gold G6R - $1000
This gun is sexy as all hell. I do not mind keeping this. Gun is LNIB. Has the stock barrel, VP trigger, 4c Eyes, Juit Bolt. Also included will be the stock trigger, stock bolt and small oring kit.

Grey v1 Victory - $750
This gun is a dust grey color. It has a couple marks near the back cap and the bolt guide is a little scratched from sliding the engine in and out. Included is the v1 Vic, etek barrel, 4c eyes, supercharged engine, Tadao Yakuza board with "Two Face" grips.

Metallic Blue Closer - $450
I am unsure what to actually call this color, so my wife came up with Metallic Blue. The left and right sides of the gun has flaws in the anno, no scraps just wear on the gun, the right side is definitely more noticeable. The button is definitely chewed, still functions just doesn't look pretty. The gun is milled for the lpr adjustment, has a Ryujin board, 4c eyes, stock engine and marq'd for death grips. The trigger I believe is a stock vic trigger.

Brown and Silver Marq 6 - $450
This gun is sweet. The gun looks to have had nicks in it prior to anno and when they got annoned the nicks got colored in. The gun is milled for the lpr, has a cp asa, yakuza usb board, stock engine and I believe the trigger is a Critical.

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Re: 2k12 G6R, Upd V1 Vic, Closer, Custom Marq 6

Post by Poppy on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:08 pm

G6r is sexy so sexy
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