Virtue G6r OLED board

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Virtue G6r OLED board

Post by trum_15 on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:31 pm

Compatible with G6R Intimidator. Includes Grips and rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries*. Also is functional with 4C Eyes.

The NEW Virtue OLED board takes performance and consistency to new heights with a 10 million operations/sec. processor. And now Virtue OLED’s pro-tested game improving Drill and Training Mode Technology will make you a better player at the same time. All new Patent Pending DT Technology™ incorporates pro-level training drills into the Virtue board with visual confirmation and audio feedback through the Organic OLED (pronounced “oh-led”) Display and speaker.

*The Virtue OLED Board for the G6R comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. This battery pack is necessary to fit into the small G6R Frame. The battery pack provides the same number of shots as a 9volt battery, however it offers increased performance in several respects:

* Each lithium-ion pack incorporates circuitry protection, combined with a voltage regulator on the board to increase performance (compared to a standard 9 volt) over the life of the battery. This will offer more reliable and consistent power to the gun as the solenoid and eyes receives a consistent regulated voltage.
* Lighter weight than a 9volt.
* Memory-free recharging, saves a significant expense related to buying and replacing 9volts over the life of the battery.
* Integrated Mini-USB port for charging.

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